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to the only international trade association representing the entire value chain supplying the food & drink industry worldwide.

We believe that we are unique in that we represent an entire value chain - from seed merchants, barley growers, maltsters, hop merchants, suppliers of raw materials through to  production and packaging machinery manufacturers and suppliers and dispense/point of sale suppliers, manufacturers and installers. 

Our core values are sustainability of the value chain; fraternity; promotion of our Members, enabling them to act together in all areas relating to their trade or professional interests.

Today, our strength and depth of membership expertise continues to help manage the opportunities and challenges facing our modern industry.


In anticipation of potentially restrictive Government legislation, the Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBi) was formed on February 15th 1907 as the Allied Brewery Traders Association (ABTA).

On September 27th 1908, over 120,000 workers from the brewing trade marched through Hyde Park in London to demonstrate against the proposal, which threatened the closure of over 30,000 public houses. Exactly two months later the Bill was rejected in the House of Lords and the value the BFBi offered the industry was clearly established.

The Association has helped industry meet many challenges over the years - through two world wars, and, more recently, embracing European legislation.


We provide a full range of services including:

  • weekly updates of industry news;
  • free entry within the Association's Annual Directory;
  • management and financial help at a number of overseas exhibitions;
  • discounted stand space at the triannual International Brewing Convention;
  • free of charge Business Advisory Helpline;
  • participation in social and professional activities, enabling Members to maintain direct contact with decision makers within the industry
  • representation via trade committees and direct lobbying at UK, European and International level

Indeed, no firm selling to the brewing, food & beverage industry can afford to remain outside BFBi - if only for the value manufacturers place on it as being their most effective contact with suppliers and the value suppliers place on it as being their most effective contact with the industry.

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