BFBi Feed Assurance Scheme

Development of BFBi Feed Assurance Scheme

DEFRA has monitored the co-products market since the Foot and Mouth epidemic and the pig swill feeding ban. Both large and small breweries need to demonstrate their commitment in order to reassure UK Government, the EU Commission as well as the retailers, meat and milk processors that co-products are an important and safe part of the farm feed regime.

All breweries in the UK are required to assure the safety of co-products (such as brewers’ grains, trub, surplus yeast and surplus beer) that are fed to animals to be used in the human feed chain. They must comply with the requirements of feed legislation and demonstrate adequate controls throughout the supply chain from the selection of raw materials to the marketing of co-products as feed materials.

Most larger brewers have already subscribed to the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) and have an annual audit of their co-production and  transport.

The aim of the Scheme

The BFBi Feed Assurance Scheme has been established and tailored to assist and support small and micro independent breweries and distillers. The scheme is designed to satisfy the requirement of farm assurance bodies with regards to the safety and quality of supplies of nutritious, wholesome and SAFE moist co-product feed to farms.

The Scheme runs alongside the BFBi Code of Practice for moist co-product feeds and aims to plug the gap at the lower end of the market and protect the feed and food chain for small suppliers.   The scheme is approved by AFS (and their farm assurance schemes).  The aim is to protect both animal and human health.

Currently …..

The BFBi Feed Assurance Scheme started in 2006 and companies renew their Membership and submit their audit documentation to become certified as suppliers of nutritious, safe and wholesome feedstuff.

The scheme expanded its membership to include brewers upto 200,000hl per year.

Following a detailed technical assessment of the scheme, Assured Food Standards (AFS) has confirmed that, where brewers’ grains are sourced from small brewers, by a farmer, for feeding to assured livestock, AFS farm livestock assurance schemes covering dairy, pigs, beef, lambs and chickens will require that they are assured in future.

Joining Cost

Joining cost depends on the annual production/barrels produced. For further details please Click here

For further information on the Scheme please contact head office on

A registration form is available to complete online and email back or download, complete and fax/post back to BFBi Click here

The BFBi Feed Assurance Scheme was also included in the Spring 2008 ABM Newsletter – Please click on link to download full newsletter.  For further details please download the BFBi Feed Assurance Newsletters and promotional flyers.

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