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Campden BRI Webinar – What are the latest issues surrounding acrylamide?

Campden BRI Anton Aldrick

Chemical contamination has long been recognised as a potential food safety issue. Many food businesses have addressed this through specifications and supplier quality assurance. However, for certain foods, processing can generate compounds of toxicological significance such as acrylamide. Manufacturers of some foods are now required to implement appropriate risk management measures to mitigate its formation.

In this free 30-minute recorded webinar, Anton Alldrick, Special Projects Manager, considers how recent developments have influenced food safety management and new product development practices.

About the speaker…

Anton Alldrick
Special Projects Manager
Campden BRI

Anton provides consultancy and project management services in the areas of chemical food safety and scientific regulatory affairs. In recent years, he has focussed on novel and functional foods, food allergies and mycotoxins. His clients span a range of sectors, including the food industry, government organisations and legal firms.

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