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Clear Brew - Line Cleaning Professionals






Operating since 2006 Clear Brew provide a regular and dedicated fully managed professional beer line cleaning service. We clean both keg and cask lines maintaining quality on a regular repeat 3 weekly cycle. Our labour inclusive service uses our unique specialised portable water fed mixing unit, coupled with tried and tested inhibitors, and market leading chemicals.

We use our own fully integrated support system to verify each and every clean, designed to provide support and maintain standards in our ever expanding nationwide network of franchised owners and highly experienced technicians. This service is guaranteed to improve the quality of draught products, save money and reduce waste, and in turn it will also reduce risk and maximise yields, adding real value to any business in todays licenced sector.

Throughout 2017 Clear Brew have begun to introduce additional support and improved procedures all designed to enhance our service.

The use of ATP testing has been trialled in Cornwall and is set to be rolled out across our entire nationwide franchised network in early 2018.

ATP is an organic molecule found in yeast. The portable, hand held ATP machines are used to measure the amount of yeast present in the beer lines before (after initial flush) and after our line cleaning service. This allows us to identify any lines that need further attention and confirm that individual keg and cask lines are clean prior to product reconnection. This supports, verifies, and enhances our fully managed line cleaning process.

Clear Brew have also invested in a job verification portal allowing technicians to upload job data to identify the amount of time on site, chemical and water usage, and to spot and correct any issues relating to the cellar and overall dispense quality, enabling us to provide regular reports to individual customers as well as pub Cos and brewers.

Finally, additional value can be added to each serviced location, with Clear Brew providing Free on site staff cellar training. Early feedback has proved that this clearly works supporting publican and licensees, empowering staff and helping to ensure that cellar management through to the bar and glassware is all greatly improved.

We are also happy to announce that in addition to the range of cellar to bar chemicals we offer, we can now offer glass washers for either full purchase or weekly rental. This is all facilitated by your local Clear Brew Franchised owner operator or available online via our easy to use enquiry service on our website

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