Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

Objects of the Association

Objects of the Association

The Mission Statement

To be the foremost Trade Association providing opportunities for its Members to develop within the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Sector. 

The Objects of the Association are:

  • To enable its Members to act together in all matters appertaining to their trade or professional interests.
  • To monitor legislative proposals and other public matters affecting Members in common within the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Sector and to take any necessary action thereon whether by way of petition to Parliament or otherwise so as to protect the interests of Members.
  • To form a centre for obtaining and diffusing information generally to meet the technical aspirations and social requirements of persons engaged in or interested or connected with that industry Sector;
  • To maintain the vital link between the many and various trades and services supplying the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industries;
  • To create the forum which provides for the regular and frequent meetings of its Members, both formally and socially.
  • To monitor and support the special interest Groups within the various trades; through specific trade committees, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • To assist Member companies to identify and develop new market opportunities worldwide, through overseas exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • To continue to develop the Association whereby customers can rely on a quality of service and product being provided by Member Companies and to create the situation whereby membership of the Association will offer priority consideration when customers are sourcing their requirements.
  • To promote inter-trading between Member Companies.