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From our ISO9001/ISO2200 accredited site, AB Vickers manufacture and supply premium quality process aids (traditional isinglass finings and vegan alternatives, nutrients, enzymes, foam stabilisers, foam suppressants, water treatment, colloidal stabilisers) and the full-range of Lallemand dry brewing yeast and bacteria. All supported with our technical expertise and excellent customer service.

Abbeychart are the biggest distributor of John Guest Drinks Dispense fittings and tubing. We also supply many other high-quality, market leading products to the beverages dispense industry, such as Xylem Flojet pumps, Keg connectors and Oetiker clips. We also refurbish rotary vane pumps, bar guns and CO2 regulators.

Aber’s Compact Yeast Monitors provide accurate measurements of the live yeast cell concentration for more consistent fermentations. The PerfectPitch yeast pitching skid is ideal for expanding craft breweries. The Countstar instrument for yeast cell counting and viability using methylene blue dye is ideal for the brewery lab.

We are a supplier of food-grade drinks dispense gases and helium. Full range of cylinder sizes. Direct delivery to premises. Cylinder filling available for CO2 and nitrogen. We also do post-mix installs and supply Bag in Box syrups.

Our solutions tackle two of the food and beverage industry’s biggest concerns: reducing the risk of beverage contamination and optimising cleaning costs. We incorporate hygienic design principles that are normally reserved for food contact equipment because we believe that hygienic performance is essential.

Having celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2022, Addison Project is a multi-discipline engineering project management/design organisation with offices located in Cheshire, Lancashire and Middlesbrough.  We grew out of the ICI operations at Hillhouse and Runcorn and offer an in-house design capability of circa 150 people, together with a full range of CDM services and associated procurement capability.

Our contracts range from hundreds of pounds for some minor drawing updates, to providing engineering resources on client premises, through to plant modifications and de-bottlenecking projects, all the way up to managing and executing turn-key projects in excess of £100M.

ACI design and supply a wide range of blower-driven drying systems for all speeds of bottling and canning lines. As specialists in the global food and beverage industry, we can help you improve your product quality as well as lower your running costs.

Air Liquide are a leading global supplier of Food Grade Gas solutions to the Brewing, Beverage and Leisure industry in the UK. Air Liquide has a proud history of serving a broad portfolio of customers from multinational companies to small craft breweries. Acting as a partner to our clients, we provide expert advice in all aspects of gas supply for the brewing, bottling and canning processes, including: carbonation, dispensing, pipework, purging, fermentation, dosing, wort oxygenation and oxygen management. Air Liquide also has an extensive distribution network providing dispensing gases for leisure outlets such as pubs and restaurants. Supplying Quality Assured Food Grade Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Oxygen, Air Liquide are committed to maintaining the invaluable integrity of our customer’s Food Grade Gas supply.

Food grade gases available in a range of safe supply options – from cylinders to on-site gas production. Our ‘fit & forget’ gas systems eliminate manual handling, saving time and floor space.

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