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6 things you need to know about planet friendly coated packaging

Smurfit Kappa - 6 things you need to know about planet friendly coated packaging

Coated packaging refers to packaging that has an enhanced resistance to water and other environmental factors. The process involves applying a protective water-resistant coating to the surface of paper-based packaging materials, forming a barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating and compromising the contents within. The primary advantage of using coated packaging lies in its ability to safeguard goods from water damage, ensuring product integrity during transportation, storage, and display.

Essential for moisture-sensitive items such as Fresh Produce, flowers, meat and poultry, coated packaging helps maintain the quality and appearance of the enclosed items. As a result, businesses and consumers alike benefit from the reliability and durability offered by coated packaging, making it a practical choice for a wide range of industries.

In this blog, we’re sharing six of the most important benefits of using environmentally friendly coated packaging. Delve deeper and discover a world where your goods not only survive but thrive throughout the supply chain.

  1. Recyclability

 The term ‘coated packaging’ may initially bring your thoughts to packaging solutions with moisture barriers made from plastic – but just like everything else, there is a recyclable and significantly more planet friendly alternative. Using a specially crafted water-resistant coating which is available to use on a wide range of packaging solutions such as shipping boxes, eliminates the need for any plastic components, meaning that the packaging remains 100% recyclable. This is significant as 65% of respondents in a recent report stated that knowing that packaging is recyclable is important (Drapers), therefore, brands need to be exploring cutting-edge ways to enhance their packaging whilst still upholding green practices that align with consumer attitudes.

Utilising sustainable coated packaging means you will be doing your bit for the environment, avoiding Plastic Tax, and still be benefitting from the practical advantages of a water-resistant coating, ensuring the freshness and quality of perishable goods are always upheld. The 100% recyclable solution now better aligns with you, and your customers’ environmental goals and ethics and can be easily recycled at kerbside. Take a look at how Brownings Ltd eradicated 29.5 tonnes of single-use plastic from their business by turning to a coated solution here.

  1. Circular economy

Switching to eco-friendly coated packaging is a positive step towards reducing your carbon footprint and minimising waste in the supply chain – directly contributing to a circular economy.

Water-resistant coated packaging that is free from plastic plays a pivotal role in the circular economy by promoting practices that make the most of every bit of material and minimise waste. It is easily recycled, reducing the demand for virgin materials, and supporting a closed-loop system where materials are reused and repurposed, ultimately reducing environmental impact.

Plastic-free coatings and paper-based packaging solutions are designed to be 100% recyclable and are constructed from reusable materials. Recent studies indicate that an impressive 78% of consumers believe businesses should be more environmentally conscious (National Retail Federation). With 75% of consumers willing to part ways with a brand if they felt a conflict in values (Consumer Goods Technology), coated packaging made with the environment in mind helps to bridge the gap between businesses and the growing number of consumers seeking brands who implement green practices.

  1. Reduced environmental impact

In a time characterised by worldwide issues like climate change, dwindling resources, and societal disparities, businesses are progressively acknowledging the significance of sustainability as a foundational principle for long-term success. This is especially pertinent as 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer green or sustainable products, and 49% say they would pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery (Deloitte Global). Beyond its moral necessity, environmental consciousness is now a powerful catalyst for growth, encouraging innovation, building resilience, and improving financial outcomes. This shift towards planet friendly practices is not just a passing trend; it represents a fundamental transformation with the capacity to nurture prosperity for both businesses and the planet.

Paper-based packaging is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable, so by choosing specially designed water-resistant coated solutions made with your specific product in mind, you can minimise your environmental footprint and promote responsible sourcing operations. This aligns with the increased demand from consumers for brands to prioritise green business practices.

See how McCormack Family Farms transformed their Fresh Produce trays using a plastic-free water-resistant coating, helping them to elevate their brand image and enhance their reputation here

  1. Versatility

Whether you’re an eCommerce business, a retailer or even a wholesaler, you’ll need a solution that suits your supply chain and the products you ship. There are many coated packaging solutions available, including punnets, shipping boxes, cardboard trays, and much more.

Water-resistant coated packaging solutions are not only effective in protecting the contents from possible damage from the outside, such as moisture and contaminants, but they can also be coated on the inside, offering further protection. The customisable nature means they can be tailored to the unique needs of a wide range of industries. What’s more, they can be branded, helping you differentiate your products in competitive retail environments and attract shopper attention.

  1. Protection and performance

Water-resistant coatings on packaging protect products from moisture and external contaminants, helping to maintain product integrity and quality.

They’re ideal for the demanding needs of various supply chains, ensuring delicate items remain in good condition. These coated packaging solutions minimise the risk of mould, bacteria, and contamination and help to keep perishable products such as Fresh Produce safe for consumption. Reduced spoilage of produce translates to less food waste, fostering a more efficient distribution approach. This not only saves money for businesses due to negating potential losses, but also contributes to positive brand reputation through delivering on quality assurance for their customers.

Coated shipping boxes and packaging solutions can be a game changer for a wide range of products. They’re a practical solution for forward-thinking suppliers who are committed to quality without compromising on their environmental goals.

  1. Consumer awareness

Coated packaging solutions cater for growing consumer awareness and expectation for planet friendly packaging. With 94% of consumers saying it’s a brand’s responsibility to create products that are not harmful to the Earth, and 61% believing they shouldn’t have to think about sustainability while shopping (Deloitte Global), environmentally conscious packaging is becoming a day-to-day norm.

Coated packaging solutions made with the environment in mind can help to maintain the visual appeal of products such as fruits and vegetables, preserving their vibrant colours and crisp textures, which is crucial for consumer satisfaction. Quality produce in sustainable packaging ticks consumers’ boxes when it comes to their expectations of brands, and this, in turn, contributes to enhanced brand reputation, encourages repeat purchases, and creates brand advocates.

There’s power in packaging

Packaging is not just about transporting products—it’s about ensuring their protection throughout the supply chain and seizing the promotional potential it holds. To fortify your products against the elements and elevate your brand with creative solutions, it’s time to embrace water-resistant coatings.

From coated boxes for Fresh Produce to resilient shipping solutions, our range of purposeful coated packaging awaits. Act now to safeguard your products and unlock the full potential of your packaging!

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