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A magical makeover of Welsh brewer Tomos Watkin


The new owners of Welsh brewing icon Tomos Watkin have unveiled a new brand identity after enlisting the services of the brewing industry’s design specialists, LemonTop Creative. Inspired by the magical tales of dragons and wizards that echo through the wild Welsh valleys, the brand makeover produced by LemonTop Creative has given Tomos Watkin a fresh, new look to start the next chapter in their life. Founded in 1996, the Tomos Watkin brand has been rejuvenated after brewers Joelle and Sarah Drummond, who also set up Drop Bear Beer Co in 2019, bought the brewery in August 2023.

The enchanting Welsh valleys and their mystical stories of dragons and sorcerers served as a source of inspiration for the fresh brand identity that LemonTop’s talented team created for the brewery. The new owners of the brewery wanted to captivate the modern-day beer drinkers while also commemorating its legacy, so they allowed the brewing industry’s design specialists to let their creative spirits wander as they created a magical makeover of the brand. The relaunched brand not only celebrates the brand’s heritage, but also creates a path forward to an exciting future for Tomos Watkin as a leading light in the Welsh brewing industry.

Tomos Watkin’s latest range of beers includes traditional favourites Cwrw Haf, Blodwen and Magic Lagyr, with two new additions, Dragon’s Keep IPA and Miner’s Pride, intended to entice new customers. Stouts and IPAs have both grown in popularity over the last couple of years and the new owners were delighted to have these styles as additions to the core range, updating the range of beers they offer and increasing the potential for growth.

Director of sales and marketing for Tomos Watkin, Joelle Drummond, worked closely with LemonTop’s creative team on the new brand identity. Having grown up in Swansea Joelle was already familiar with Tomos Watkin Brewery and wanted to further develop the essence of the brand’s history. She worked with LemonTop on the branding and promotion of Drop Bear Brewing, so she knew the agency would be able to help her start a new chapter with Tomos Watkin.

LemonTop used their illustrative skills and let their imaginations run free as they created a brand with an imaginative and magical vibe, featuring wizards, farmers, miners, and cockle pickers, all tied together by the famous Welsh red dragon. Using the dragon as a unifying character created a link for the full range of label designs, pump clips and packaging. The brand also incorporated ‘easter egg’ elements swapping from one to the other, creating a continuous and captivating theme.

Tomos Watkin Brewery were excited to unveil the new brand identity that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Wales. The refreshed visual identity features stunning imagery that perfectly represents the unique spirit of each beer and the emotions it evokes. The lemonTop team have put great emphasis on showcasing this imagery prominently through a series of beautifully designed beer bottles, pump clips and packaging that are all mesmerising and captivating. Each bottle tells a unique story that not only captures the essence of the beer but also celebrates the brewery’s rich Welsh heritage.

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