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For many years the DMA 4500 M density meter with Alcolyzer Beer has been the go to measuring system for those larger breweries that want the maximum accuracy for their ABV, extract and other measurements. The systems will give ABV in beer with an accuracy of +/-0.01%. However, such accuracy comes at a higher price than most smaller breweries can afford.

Other lower cost solutions, such as the Alex 500 Alcohol and Extract meter are available, but these do not offer the same range of test options and can require dark or turbid samples to be clarified prior to testing.

We have therefore expanded our portfolio in craft beer analysis by launching, the Beer Analyzing System 1001. The system is dedicated to a craft brewer’s needs and available at an unmatched price/performance ratio.

The systems come with a DMA 4101 benchtop density meter and the new alcohol measuring module Alcolyzer 1001. This will give an accuracy for ABV measurements of +/- 0.05%

The Beer Analyzing System 1001 also includes an Xsample 320 sampling pump. It is used for testing degassed samples in your lab or near the production area.

Product Highlights:

  • Selective alcohol determination with Anton Paar’s market-leading Alcolyzer – packed into an analyzing system dedicated to craft brewing
  • Technology proven by big industry players, as recommended by beer-specific regulations like EBC, ASBC, MEBAK and BCoJ
  • Highly competitive instrument package at an unmatched price/performance ratio.
  • Ideal system configuration for in-source analysis of all key quality parameters

With our ability to offer flexible finance packages, owning an Alcolyzer System has never been more in reach for even small craft breweries.

Find out more about the Beer Analyzing system

Flex-Blend 3000

The Anton Paar Flex-Blend 3000 series enables brewers the ability to either carbonate, blend or both. The Flex-Blend has been designed specifically for discerning craft brewers.


The Flex-Blend 3000 delivers the fastest continuous measurements of ABV, OE, and CO2 allowing for rapid control and adjustments of these parameters on the fly during the carbonation and blending process.

Simple and powerful multiproduct management through an intuitive HMI allows for smart recipe management of multiple products which ultimately leads to improved consistency and quality of product whilst at the same time improving speed of carbonation, improving product yield and reducing or completely alleviating the requirement for manual intervention during the carbonation and blending process. Craft brewers can now unleash the full power of their creativity.

Flex-Blend 3000 highlights:

  • High-tech sensors ensuring continuous, accurate measurements for superb quality control (e.g., precision of up to 0.02 % ABV and 0.05 g/L CO2)
  • Intelligent recipe management via integrated PLC with a touchscreen to simplify handling of multiple products and production batches
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), performed in Austria, for coverage of the customer’s full production spectrum

Find out more about Flex Blend 3000 Series

Beer X Event

Anton Paar will be exhibiting our laboratory analytical and process monitoring solutions at the UK’s premier event for the Craft Brewing industry. SIBA  BeerX 2024 takes place from March 13th-14th and is a must for all those involved in the craft brewing sector. We will be showcasing our solutions for abv measurement , gas determination, and for the first time we will also be showing our blending and carbonating solution Flex Blend 3000.   Come and see us at stand 110 (laboratory analysis) or stand 8 (process analytics).

Why not bring a sample of degassed beer to Stand 110 at BeerX and we will test it for you whilst you wait.

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