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Automatic Counter-Pressure Hybrid — 6-1-1 EPV KOMPAKT Filling Machine NEW for 2023

Proud to present our new 6-1-1 canning and glass bottling machine capable of filling 850 cans or bottles per hour

The 6-1-1 EPV KOMPAKT is a linear Filling-Capping-Seaming Monoblock with automatic loading of lids and crown caps.

Our EPV electro pneumatic valve ensures a high level of

filling quality, with double CO2 flushing to remove the oxygen in cans. For glass bottles, a double vacuum pre-evacuation of air completely eliminates any air contamination in the glass bottle.

An automatic loader of can lids allows a continuous uninterrupted flow of canning operations. A separate vibrator for automatic loading of the crown caps is available for the Hybrid version.

The 6-1- 1 is also available in a cans-only or bottles-only version. An optional rinser can be added.

  • Place confirmed order before 24 May 2023 to benefit from a special launch price

611 in bottling configuration 611 detail 611 in canning configuration 611 detail – in canning configuration 6-1-1 in bottling configuration

Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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