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AWH Neumo Ehrenberg Group- Do you need to separate media Hygienically & Securely?


Separate media hygienically and securely with AWH Leakage Butterfly Valves!

Ideal for safety critical, positive separation of hazardous materials, such as CIP Fluids and Product.

The AWH Leakage Butterfly Valve has a large internal chamber to securely separate media, which comes as standard with a leakage / drain valve and a rinse valve, also referred to as auxiliary valves.

These auxiliary valves can be actuated pneumatically separately, or at the same time.

Both Valves are designed to be easy to clean and fully isolated when closed. Since the valve piston is virtually flush with the flow tube, this area cannot become soiled. The Butterfly Valves use our tried and tested hygienic design.

The valve itself comes with our tried and tested AWH standard Butterfly Valve Disks, Seals and Actuators for maximum compatibility with our standard spare parts.


The actuator and auxiliary valves can be equipped with sensors to monitor the individual valve positions. Integrated mounting for Position Sensors can be specified or dedicated Control Tops from our VMon II range are also available.

The “Double-Valve principle” offers the greatest safety when working with different media in the same system. The intermediate flange design makes installation easy during assembly and maintenance.

Click here for a detailed maintenance video for this valve.

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