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Brewing equipment specialist toasts record year

Tomasz Lenartowicz

Bradford-based brewery equipment specialist, Collective Motion Brewing, is raising a glass to a record year of business with turnover up by 60% in 2023.

The company, which supplies and services a wide range of production systems, has also seen revenue rise by 60%, largely through growing demand from independent brewers looking to improve energy efficiency, minimise waste and reduce running costs. Sales have increased across Collective Motion Brewing’s range of products, which includes newly developed and upgraded systems alongside refurbished machinery.

Dominic Smith, director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:

“2023 was the year when our business really took off. We have become a very well-established name in the industry, and we have developed relationships with new clients throughout the UK. Many brewing, distilling, and cider making companies have purchased products from Collective Motion Brewing and then signed up for our planned maintenance package to ensure that their facilities are free of downtime and remain optimised for efficiency and quality control.”

Tomasz Lenartowicz, director at Collective Motion Brewing, said:

“The brewing industry, like many other manufacturing sectors, has been challenged in recent years by rising energy prices, but many brewers have been proactive in finding ways to mitigate those costs. They have recognised that investing in enhanced efficiencies  will deliver substantial long-term savings. A number of our clients have estimated that the equipment upgrades we implemented will achieve between £50,000 and £100,0000 in savings  per year in running costs.”

Collective Motion Brewing plans to build on its success with increased investment in R&D in 2024. Its 1,300 sq ft premises in Bradford includes a workshop and R&D centre to trial new solutions in keg washing and filling.

Dominic Smith said:

“Innovation is a big part of what Collective Motion Brewing offers as a company. I have a mechanical engineering background and  Tomasz has a background in electrical engineering as a lead designer of control systems. We apply that experience to design and test new concepts in brewing equipment. We will be launching some new cost-effective systems in 2024 which are designed to help smaller breweries to manage their operating costs and help to take a first step towards automation in their production facility. This is important to minimise the cost of production and stay above the red line or simply to increase the profit margin.”

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