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BSPS Ltd Opens Scottish Office


BSPS Ltd Opens Scottish Office

Adam Proud joins Bulk Storage and Processing Systems Ltd. (BSPS)

Bill Egerton, Managing Director, is pleased to announce that Adam Proud has joined the BSPS, basing himself in Scotland. Adam brings over 25 years or experience to the business.

Adam started as a draftsman learning his trade in the agricultural and distilling industries, having moved to Aberdeenshire to work for Clark & Sutherland. He soon moved on to designing and costing jobs and finally running projects. After 15 years, a move into sales with JW Installations and then back into agriculture with GrainTek saw him working on projects and helping them design and establish the GrainTek Drier.   More recently Adam has been working for Perry of Oakley as a Senior Internal Sales Engineer before joining BSPS this April as a Projects Manager.

Adam will be based in Scotland, assisting Bill Egerton with projects both locally and throughout the UK. His recruitment further establishes BSPS as one of the specialists in materials handling in the malting, brewing, agricultural, food and chemical industries.  Together they will continue to offer unbiased advice on plant and equipment selection, alongside a full project management service from conception and design through to commissioning.

If you are looking for assistance on any future projects our contact details are below:-

Head Office 01483 202211

Bill Egerton 07968 193795                                              Adam Proud 07920 855795

Date of release: 1st May 2023


Susan Gharu

Susan Gharu

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