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Carbonation Tech Ltd- Carbonating Machines

Carbo 200

Carbonation Tech Ltd manufacture Carbonating Machines from 200 and 500  Litres per hour. Manual machine

  • 1000 Litres per hour semi-automatic with touch screen control
  • 2000 Litres up to 60,000 Litres per hour fully automatic machines, with temperature monitoring and pressure adjustment as the temperature in product changes.

The 1000 and above have recently been updated to touch screen control, making the machines even easier to use, Touch screen recipe selection change over, with minimum waste, allowing programmable recipe selections, giving state-of-the-art control technology for the highest accuracy and consistency of CO2/Nitrogen within the product.

Able to carbonate a range of product including, beers, cider, wines, soft drinks, Alcopops, water, Kombucha, well pretty most any product.


  • Lower carbonation pressures.
  • Lower power consumption to be more cost effective.
  • Lower CO2 pressures required during carbonation:
    • Less filling pressures required
    • Less CO2 wastage
    • More stables saturation of Co2 in the product resulting in less foaming during filling on more difficult products
  • CO2 being used efficiently with less Co2 wastage to be more cost effective
  • Machine will give greater efficiency and lower running costs.

Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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