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Croxsons’ Crown Caps

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Croxsons,  are not only interested in the containers that can hold your beer but also the final piece to top it off – the crown cap.

With a selection of colours available, SIBA assured caps, and bespoke printing options, Croxsons can supply the right option for you.

Whether craft, mainstream or non-alcoholic, no beer bottle can be complete without the perfect crown to top it off. It can make the entire opening experience.   A crown’s core function is to keep the bottle contents airtight – but it can also illustrate your brand’s identity and emphasise its visual appeal to your audience.

You can browse Croxons’ crown caps here.



Having been part supplying glass packaging since 1872 Croxons are also interested in the history of the packaging world. In our piece ‘How the crown cap revolutionised the drinks industry’ they look at:

The Birth of the Crown Cap: In 1892, American mechanical engineer William Painter patented the crown cap, a revolutionary invention that changed the beverage industry. He founded the Crown Cork and Seal Company, now known as Crown Holdings.

A Seal of Freshness: The crown cap was a game-changer because it provided a reliable and airtight seal, extending the shelf life of beers and soft drinks. This innovation allowed beverages to be distributed over longer distances.

Crown Cap Evolution: Over the years, the crown cap design evolved, with the original cork seal being replaced by PVC material. The number of teeth on the cap was standardized at 21, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across different bottle sizes and brands.

Branding Opportunities: Beyond sealing drinks, the crown cap offers a unique branding opportunity for breweries. Customized designs, colours, and logos help build brand identity, increase visibility, and enhance brand recognition, fostering loyalty among consumers.

Consumer Experience and Collectibles: The iconic “pop” sound of a crown cap being removed from a beer bottle adds to the charm of enjoying a beverage. Crown caps have made beverage consumption more accessible, contributing to the positive reputation of the beer industry. Additionally, they often serve as collectible items, further boosting brand engagement and recognition.

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