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Founded by Dr Alan Wyn-Davies and established in Witney in 2003, DFx Technology is a well kept secret!  Accredited with ISO 9001 and 14001 and specialising in advanced digital and analogue electronics and OEM equipment design and manufacture, Alan and his team’s experience of designing for a number of blue-chip companies in various sectors over many decades is now focussed on the dispense sector.  DFx operates as your technology partnered within the beverage industry, by delivering ‘state of the art’ solutions in advanced energy saving IOT based dispense systems, font lighting and cellar/bar related equipment.

Having designed and supplied Heineken’s Smart Dispense and Molson Coors’ Cellarplus systems, DFx is now offering its own generic system ‘direct’.  Their patented Intelligent Dispense (“ID Dispense”) system, is available in single, twin or quad variants and drives product quality by enabling you to automate fob detection, keg changing, pressure monitoring, flow monitoring and line clean reporting as well as offering you the benefits of extended line-cleaning intervals.

Intelligent Dispense can be used in ‘stand-alone’ mode but, to allow you to gain maximum  benefit from capital equipment investment, DFx has spent the last three years developing a cloud-based, integrated ‘SaaS’ software solution (using AWS platform) which seamlessly communicates with ID installations:  DFx Liveview® remotely allows you to monitor a comprehensive range of dispense parameters such as product temperature/gas pressure of lines and line-clean intervals etc. across an entire estate of ID installations in real time.   Monitoring is via desktop, laptop or mobile using SMS or Email notifications and alerts coupled with bespoke PDF reports.  Being fully customisable, you can view historic or ‘live’ data.  You can also diagnose and update your system settings remotely, thus reducing engineer call out time.  The DFx Liveview® system provides an ‘in depth’ insight for your Sales & Marketing, Quality and Technical Service teams.

DFx’s latest innovation, the Energy Saviour®, typically enables you to save up to 35% of the annualised expenditure of running your beverage coolers.  This ‘plug & play’ device achieves this by allowing the product temperature within the dispense system to rise (in a controlled way) outside trading hours thus significantly reducing energy use.  The unit learns the trading pattern of the site and is set up via an app on your mobile.  With the ability to refresh the python periodically, beer freshness is retained.  All historic ‘set-up’ information is retained, even if there is a power cut.  Retailing at £150, (VAT inc.) with discounts for wholesale purchase, the unit typically secures payback in 2-3 months maximum.

My tour around the factory showcased their production of advanced surface mount & conventional control boards, the ID system production area, together with their test bar where products can be replicated and tested for trade.  Their 3D printers and CAD/CAM machines enable the rapid production of prototypes and production items.  An environmental chamber also allows thermal cycling of equipment and their suite of EMC equipment enables on-site product compliance testing.

All equipment, other than the Energy Saviour®, is built to order.

If you would like to know more about DFx and how they can support your journey on enhancing quality and energy savings please contact them.





Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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