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HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand G91, Foodex Manufacturing Solutions, 24-26 April 2023

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented activity in global energy and food markets. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 brought home not only the importance of UK and European energy security, but also how closely linked the world’s food and energy chains are. With rising energy and input prices affecting everyone from raw material suppliers to packaging manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers, the importance of energy efficient processing solutions has never been higher.

Many processes in food production, such as pasteurisation or sterilisation, have a high energy requirement due to their use of heat. However, the amount of energy required can be significantly influenced by the equipment used. HRS Heat Exchangers have more than 40 years’ experience in improving the efficiency of heat transfer and food processing.

Because of the energy intensive nature of these processes, energy (gas, electricity or other fuel) is usually the largest operating cost, meaning energy efficiency is a key factor when choosing equipment. A difference of 5-10% in thermal efficiency will quickly translate into direct savings in energy or running costs. A doubling or tripling of wholesale energy prices means that the payback period may reduce by half or even more.

The high efficiency of HRS designs provides the shortest possible payback. One recent system using a waste water stream from a cooker, had a payback period of less than 90 days, and saved more than 500 kg of CO2e a day.

Whether you are looking for stand-alone equipment or complete packaged systems, HRS produces a wide range of equipment and systems, including:

  • Corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchangers
  • Pasteurisers and sterilisers
  • In-Place Cleaning systems (CIP & SIP)
  • Aseptic fillers
  • Direct steam injection sterilisers
  • Concentration & evaporation systems
  • Ice crushers & melters
  • Hydraulic piston pumps
  • Air removal (deaeration) systems

… and more, including bespoke systems

Our equipment includes hygienic corrugated tube and scraped-surface heat exchanger designs which are particularly suitable for highly viscous products, ensuring efficient heat transfer and operation. Options such as heat regeneration provide the highest levels of energy efficiency – saving money & carbon – while features such as remote monitoring and telemetry are standard.

Throughout 2022 the HRS Heat Exchangers team attended a number of trade shows around the world, often meeting new and existing clients for the first time since the pandemic. Throughout the year the team wore distinctive orange trainers, making them instantly recognisable not only on the stand, but also when out and about at the shows.


HRS Heat Exchangers uses corrugated tubes to improve heat transfer and energy efficiency

The HRS AF Series-based system is used for pasteurising and aseptically filling a wide range of products

HRS BP Series piston pumps are  hygienically designed, hydraulically or pneumatically operated positive displacement pumps for food use

The HRS Aseptic Block Series is a packaged steriliser (or pasteuriser) and aseptic filler

HRS produces a range of dedicated CIP and SIP systems

For the most viscous materials, HRS offers scraped surface heat exchanger options

Look out for the distinctive orange shoes worn by the HRS team, to learn more about their products for the food and drink industry

To learn more about our wide range and to discuss your particular requirements, please visit HRS Heat Exchangers on Stand G91 at Foodex Manufacturing Solutions on 24-26 April 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham, or simply look for the people wearing orange shoes!

About HRS Heat Exchangers

Located in the UK, HRS Heat Exchangers is part of the EIL Group (Exchanger Industries Limited) which operates at the forefront of thermal technology. HRS offers innovative heat transfer solutions worldwide across a diverse range of industries. With over 40 years’ experience in the food and drink sector, specialising in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of turnkey systems and components, incorporating our corrugated tubular and scraped surface heat exchanger technology, HRS products are compliant with global design and industry standards. HRS has a network of offices throughout the world: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Spain, USA, Malaysia and India; with manufacturing plants in the UK, India, Spain and Canada.

For UK media enquiries about HRS Heat Exchangers please contact:

Yenni Maelianawati, Senior Marketing Manager, 3 Abloy House, Hatters Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8AJ

Tel: 01923 232 335

Direct Email:

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