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Freezing Emissions: Pioneering a Green Approach to CO2 Evaporation

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In the world of carbonated beverages, the evaporation of liquid CO2 is a crucial process employed by major industry players such as beer and soft drink manufacturers. Traditionally, this process has been energy-intensive, contributing to significant carbon emissions.

Hypro is excited to share with you a groundbreaking solution that is transforming the way carbon dioxide is evaporated in beverage industries, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. Our innovative approach challenges the conventional methods of using steam, electricity, or hot water for CO2 evaporation.

The Conventional Challenge

The conventional methods involve heating CO2 using steam, electricity, or hot water, leading to high energy consumption and a substantial carbon footprint. This has been a long standing concern in an era where sustainability is at the forefront of industrial practices.

Our Revolutionary Solution

Contrary to the conventional methods, we have successfully implemented a solution that utilizes refrigeration for CO2 evaporation. By tapping into the hot side of a secondary refrigerant, such as glycol, we have achieved remarkable results in terms of energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

How It Works

We employ glycol at -5 °C to heat CO2, despite initial skepticism. The key lies in the fact that CO2, at -28 °C, makes glycol significantly hotter and, therefore, an effective medium for heating. The cooled glycol then enters the refrigeration plant, where the heat is harnessed for further downstream processes.

Energy Recovery & Negative CO2 Emissions

Our primary objective is not just to cool down the air, as seen in some solutions using air for evaporation, but to recover energy. This revolutionary approach has resulted in negative CO2 emissions, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint by nearly 15 points per ton of CO2 evaporated.

Proven Success

Since  Hypro’s first installations in 2006 they have implemented over 100 plants globally, challenging the norms and showcasing the effectiveness of our refrigeration-based CO2 evaporation solution.

In conclusion, their innovative method offers a sustainable alternative to traditional CO2 evaporation, emphasizing energy efficiency and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.   Hypro invites you to join them in embracing this revolutionary approach for a greener, more sustainable future.

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