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Global drinks manufacturer Commissions ATi: A Badger Meter Brand


AG Barr, a leading soft drinks company has commissioned the design and installation of a bespoke, pioneering, gas monitoring solution for Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.

ATi’s  Innovation Hub worked closely with the global business to provide a tailored, smart gas detection system, utilising our GasSens control panel with multiple gas heads, to provide industry-leading measurement and logging for hazardous-area sensing.

ATi: A Badger Meter Brand, GasSens controller and D12Ex-IR

The gas controller is configured to monitor CO2 and Oxygen levels utilizing our D12Ex-IR and F12D gas detectors, to protect operators from harmful levels during the bottling process for cans and bottles. This specialised configuration enables alerts to be sent to the operator when pre-determined levels are exceeded, while safely shutting down the system and locking the doors of the room to prevent unauthorised access, preventing harmful exposure.

Each gas sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere at the soft drinks production sites 24/7, reporting any hazardous conditions to the control unit for display by the alpha numeric screen, indicating the reporting sensor, gas type, concentration, and alarm status. Alarm levels that are exceeded automatically activate signal outputs, including analogue and digital data and user selectable relays.

This class-leading GasSens controller system operates on a 6-core cable network and has the capacity to monitor up to 14 addressable sensors. The bespoke monitoring solution features heated sensor holders to help with the damp location, along with splash and water guards for cleaning. It’s flexibility also allows the client to have full control of the network, tailored for the needs of their application, with automatic safety check diagnostics and system surveillance for complete peace of mind

The GasSens controller is capable of measuring over 60 different gases or vapours and was supplied ready to use with pre-calibrated gas sensors.

For further information on our class-leading range of gas detection, water quality and sterilisation solutions suitable for food and beverage applications, please contact or +44 1457 873 318.


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