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Going Green with SSV Limited – CO2 Recovery

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In today’s business landscape, prioritising sustainability and curbing carbon emissions is critical across all sectors. With heightened consumer awareness and more stringent regulations, businesses face challenges in implementing changes that reduce their environmental impact.

For the brewing industry, a substantial contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is the fermentation process, significantly impacting the carbon footprint of beer production. Recognising the urgency to address these emissions, breweries are increasingly adopting CO2 recovery systems as part of their sustainability initiatives. These systems capture CO2 emitted during fermentation, purifying it for reuse in the brewing process. This not only reduces atmospheric CO2 emissions but also yields significant cost savings, given the essential role of CO2 in beer production and the wide-ranging fluctuations seen over recent years in CO2 prices and the difficulty at times for breweries to secure supply.

SSV Limited is actively engaged in reducing its carbon footprint and has introduced the innovative Hypro CO2 Recovery Unit. This system offers notable advantages over others, operating at moderate pressures of 15-18 bar, enabling breweries to leverage existing infrastructure without the need for high-pressure storage vessels. The design minimises flashing losses, typically found in higher-pressure systems, resulting in enhanced efficiency, cost savings and overall value.

The Hypro unit boasts user-friendly operation with an intelligent monitoring system overseeing CO2 quality and managing the recovery process automatically. Its versatility can be further amplified by the option of a CO2 distillation column to achieve even higher purities.

Notably, the Hypro CO2 Recovery unit eliminates the need to handle CO2 cylinders, enhancing safety and operational convenience in brewery settings. Fully automated with PLC and remote access capabilities, it represents a cutting-edge solution for breweries committed to sustainability, operational efficiency, and safe practices.

Embracing CO2 recovery technology not only aligns with environmental goals but also delivers tangible benefits for breweries—promoting sustainability, realising cost savings, providing a short-term ROI, and fostering operational excellence in the long term. By investing in innovative solutions like the SSV Limited Hypro CO2 Recovery Unit, breweries can actively contribute to a more sustainable future while reducing their environmental impact.


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