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Heat Exchanger’s size belies its performance

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Sometimes the biggest constraint on the choice of heat exchanger is the space available for its installation, and so the physical size of the unit outweighs other factors. However, in such situations it is important to ensure that the thermal performance is still suitable for the chosen use.

This is exactly the rationale for the introduction of the HRS C Series of compact multitube heat exchangers. Based on the popular HRS K Series, but with smaller tubes to reduce the size of the unit, the C series has been adopted for a number of uses since its introduction two years ago.

Suitable for a wide range of low viscosity uses, including food, environmental and industrial situations, the HRS C Series features HRS’s corrugated tube technology which increases heat transfer and thermal efficiency while also minimising the effects of fouling.

The smaller tube diameter means that more tubes can be fitted into each unit, meaning that heat transfer is more efficient. This results in a more compact unit as the overall length of the heat exchanger can be reduced for a given capacity. The C Series is manufactured from stainless steel – although other materials are available – with standard connection types.


The HRS C Series heat exchanger providers greater heat exchange capacity in a smaller unit. 

About HRS Heat Exchangers

Located in the UK, HRS Heat Exchangers is part of the EIL Group (Exchanger Industries Limited) which operates at the forefront of thermal technology. HRS offers innovative heat transfer solutions worldwide across a diverse range of industries. With more than 40 years’ experience in the environmental, industrial and waste sectors, specialising in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of turnkey systems and components, incorporating our corrugated tubular and scraped surface heat exchanger technology, HRS products are compliant with global design and industry standards. HRS has a network of offices throughout the world: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Spain, USA, Malaysia and India; with manufacturing plants in the UK, India, Spain and Canada.

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Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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