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How Pipeline Products’ Website Makes Shopping 10x Easier!


At Pipeline, we understand the importance of making our customer experience a perfect one! Whether that’s offering order tracking services so our customers can see where their orders are, or offering set delivery times to ensure your goods get to you as soon as possible, we do it all!

How can shopping online benefit me?

Last year we had our website completely revamped to ensure our customers can make the most out of shopping online! There’s a multitude of benefits from shopping on our website, so keep reading to find out what they are…

  • Discounts on carriage

Yes, that’s right! Sometimes our customers just need to order a few small items, which is why we offer discounted carriage on all orders placed under 5kg. This is perfect for those who just need a couple items or are maintaining valves and unions!

  • Get prices in seconds

We often get flooded with emails from our customers asking for urgent prices, and while we do our best as team to keep up with enquires, sometimes it can be hectic! Our website contains all the items we sell as well as their prices, suited to you. Being able to get prices in seconds ensures our customers can order items & quote jobs so much quicker!

  • Upload & download CSV

We’ve made shopping on our website even easier! With our latest website feature, you can quickly upload CSV files to fill your basket in seconds! On upload, matching SKU codes and quantities will be automatically added to your cart, and you can also now download CSV files at checkout. Check out the pinned post on our page for more information on this!

  • Make your own wish list

All our customers now have the convenience of adding individual products to their Wishlist. The Wishlist is a fantastic addition to our website, ensuring that all your favourite products are in one place, saving you time when placing orders!

  • Order anytime, anywhere

We’ve saved the best til last! One of the biggest benefits to using website is being able to get prices and place orders at any time! Our opening hours are 8:30-5pm, however many of our customers are in the office at 7am, or don’t finish til later in the evening. We try to accommodate to everyone, however using the website means those late enquiries can be sorted the same day instead of having to wait til the next morning!

There’re so many more benefits to shopping online, but we won’t go on anymore! Start saving yourself time & money by shopping online from today

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