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Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd launches a space saving Solution

Fierce Beer

Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd were contacted by Fierce Beer Brewery in Aberdeen to offer a solution to accommodate a complete dry goods intake for their brewery, unfortunately space was at a premium. After discussions with owner Dave McHardy the decision was made to untilise a twenty foot container as a mill room. Purchased a new container, delivered to our workshop. Two 30 tonne silos was delivered to site. They continued to Manufacture and install a conveyor, elevator and a I tonne Precision Mill inside the container. This also included a Control Panel to automate the system. The container was uplifted to site where minimal amount of outwork was required to enable Fierce Beer to have a full Malt Intake Solution.

A further project has taken place at the other end of the country, where we had the pleasure of working with SSV Ltd for a new Brewery for St Ives Brewing Co. Alan Ruddock Engineering was commissioned to manufacture and install a Full Malt Intake System to complement the stainless steel vessels supplied by SSV Ltd. The two companies successfully finalized the installation with an Alan Ruddock mashing in Elevator and Conveyor marrying up to an SSV Mash Tun to give a full turnkey project.

Alan Ruddock Engineering Ltd since revisited to site as a courtesy visit and we are pleased to announce all is running smoothly.

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