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Let your brews soar to new heights of excellence with Hypro’s DeOXY Plant.


Hypro is more than just a provider of innovative equipment. We’re your partners in brewing success! Our dedicated team of experts will be by your side, providing seamless installation, ongoing technical assistance, and guidance every step of the way. Our cutting-edge system has been engineered to elevate your craft and take your brews to new heights of perfection.


Capacity starts from 15 hl/hr producing Blend Water for High-Gravity Brewing.

☑️ Their advanced DeOXY Plant harnesses the power of hot and cold degassing technology, ensuring precise and efficient oxygen removal.

☑️ For brewers with space constraints, we offer a dual column design option that optimizes space utilization without compromising on performance.

Not only does their DeOXY Plant guarantee top-notch performance, but it also offers low energy consumption, helping you save on operational costs. Additionally, Hypro has ensured that their system comes with low commissioning costs, making it a cost-effective solution for your brewing needs.

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