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In less than 1200 years, Dublin City grew from a riverside campsite to one of the greatest cities in the world. World-famous actors, artists, and athletes were born and raised on the streets of Dublin, and they’re as proud of it as they should be.

In just 20 years, Conor McGregor forged a new path in MMA, quickly rising to the top of his game and showing the world the power of passion and determination. From nothing, to something, to everything.

Following his success in The Octagon, McGregor is now challenging the biggest names in the brewing ring. Forged Irish Stout is big on flavour and bold as brass. They may be the new kid on the block, but they have got their eyes on the prize and won’t settle for second best. They are not here to take part, they are here to take over.

Forged Irish Stout is the Worlds Creamiest Stout set to conquer the world. Forged In Dublin Ireland by Conor McGregor.

A beautifully hand-crafted stout with hints of chocolate and coffee roasted notes. Our Forged Irish Stout comes with a built in Widget to give the stout the Worlds Creamiest Texture.

So how is it packaged?

The Forged brewery is based in Glasnevin (Irish: Glas Naíon, meaning ‘stream of the infants’) a neighbourhood of Dublin, Ireland, situated on the River Tolka. Here they brew the ‘Forged Irish Stout’ and then package on their new canning line from Enterprise Tondelli.   Each can comes with the Notorious’ seal of approval.

Enterprise Tondelli are very proud to be associated with this exciting new beer and provided a complete packaging line for the beer. Enterprise Tondelli designed, supplied and commissioned a line that met all the challenges of packaging a world class nitrogenated stout. The most significant is the filling process and the special requirements for the widget can being used. To meet the challenge Enterprise Tondelli supplied a ‘state of the art’ rotary Matrix volumetric can filler.

For widget cans the cans must first be purged by high pressure nitrogen supplied from a separately controlled manifold to reduce dissolved oxygen and aid in the widget preparation. Secondly a different pressure Nitrogen is then used to counter pressure the cans before filling. Cans are filled using individual flow meters mounted on the rotary carousel without the vent tube touching the product giving a very calm fill with no drips. This also ensures the fill level in the can as too much beer will mean the widget is flooded with beer and not nitrogen when inverted.  All functions of the filling valve are controlled by electro pneumatically actuated valves so any regulation can be done from the panel during running, this includes de-pressurisation so that the correct amount of small bubble head is left on the can by controlling bowl pressures. Liquid nitrogen is then dosed by a VBC doser into the can before the seamer. Cans are immediately inverted on the seamer discharge to ensure that the widget is charged with nitrogen to give that lovely creamy cascade affect. They can also fill all other types of beer using CO2 as the counter pressure. Matrix can and bottle fillers are available from 3,000 to 80,000 containers per hour and all sizes in-between.

The total line supplied by Enterprise Tondelli consists of a very compact  automatic bulk can de-palletiser manufactured in stainless steel from EuroSistemi Srl who supply Enterprise Tondelli with their conveyors. High level conveyors feed to a gravity ionised air can blower. This multichannel blower means that change over from one can size to another is by means of a pneumatically actuated gate and not heavy change parts that take time to install and can be damaged. Ionised air also means no water consumption thus reducing the environmental footprint of the line whilst maintaining product integrity.

Located after the filler Enterprise supplied a fill level and pressure check inspection system to ensure that nitrogen has been dosed. Thus ensuring product quality and reduction of  any wastage.

A six zone all stainless streel tunnel pasteuriser with very low water consumption was installed by Enterprise. The low water consumption is achieved by all water from all zones and conveyors being collected and used in a ring main to recharge the pasteuriser with cooling water via a tower as required. Energy is also saved by the use of plate type heat exchangers which are more reactive and used in a closed loop around each zone only. The small reservoirs in each tank also ensure reduced water consumption along with low energy use as the water volume heated is comparatively small. An easy to use touch screen allows the customer to easily add new recipes to meet any customer requirements with an almost infinite recipe storage space. The on-line PU predictor has also proved very useful in setting up new programmes.

.The full can conveyors also include a self-contained can drier from EuroSistemi that has its own fan in a noise abatement cupboard above the unit. Individual nozzles ensure that can drying is directed at exactly where required. A kraft board packer supplied by a third party allows 4, 6 12 and 24 can packs to be produced to meet any customer requirements..

Iain Wood, Operations Director at Forged Stout Production Ltd, said: “ Before going with Enterprise we checked around, made reference visits and heard good things. We have not been disappointed in our decision as they have followed the project with great diligence, both in planning, commissioning and ongoing support. We would certainly use them again”

Find out more about Forged Irish Stout at their website where you can find your local stockist – now available in the USA too!.

Garry Wilson Sales Director of Enterprise Tondelli stated. ”I enjoyed working with the customers team. It was a very collaborative and frictionless relationship that has resulted in a world class installation. I look forward to the next project”.

Enterprise Tondelli have been working in the industry since 1977 and supplying equipment in over 40 countries. The Forged Irish Stout  project is just one of the latest projects by Enterprise that have ranged in scope from Kombucha bottling, nitro beer canning and turn key beer bottling. Suppling canning lines 1,500 to 72,000 cans per hour , bottling from 600 to 60,000 bph and kegging lines too. This wealth of experience ensures Enterprise add something to all their projects.”

Other case studies with videos and full range of equipment can be found on their website:- –  “from single machines to complete turn key factories”.

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