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Ever wondered what the most cost effective way to filter through a clamp union would be? 

Clamp mesh gaskets are an easy way to filter your product through a clamp union fitting. These gaskets allow for consistent flow whilst also filtering out any larger debris. This will leave your final product smooth and lump free every time. 


Why are camlock fittings so widely used?

Camlock fittings are a simple yet effective fitting that are widely used is many industries as they allow for a quick connect and disconnect. We can offer on a diverse range, whether you need it to BSP male and female or to hose tails.



We will Have You Covered

Discover our extensive range of pipe clips here at Pipeline products! With a range of connections and clip styles, we’ll have something to cover all your needs. We can offer various connections such as weld stem, BSP, M8, M10 and M12 bossed, or solid stem. Get in touch and find out how we can help.




Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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