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Pipeline-Picks: Inoxpa CIP Systems


In this edition of Pipeline-Picks, we’re running through a quick case study on Inoxpa solutions for a CIP system in Columbia!

Hygiene is such a crucial factor in food & beverage processing, that it should be regarded as a vital step in the production process. Insufficient or incorrect cleaning in the food industry can result in the loss of an entire day’s production! It can also affect the quality of the end product.
To address this issue, Inoxpa created an automatic CIP system for small facilities that need a certain level of automation. This system helps clean plants, eliminate impurities, and reduce bacteria levels!

So, who would be using this?
A dairy processing company in Bogota, Columbia got in touch with Inoxpa for a technical solution to their cleaning processes. Their current system was manually operated and featured a single line, which resulted in costing the customer time, money and excessive use of chemicals and water. Inoxpa’s solution to this issue was to develop a fully automated CIP system, saving the customer both time and money!

The new system uses tubular heat exchangers and features two lines, allowing for simultaneous cleaning. This solution not only streamlined the cleaning process but also significantly reduced the chemical and water usage.
One of the main benefits of a fully automated system is the consistent concentration levels chemical product. Manual edition can be ineffective, leading to potential problems of having high concentration levels that could cause issues within the line. The same applies if concentration levels are too low, which would result in more time being spent cleaning the lines. By using conductivity metres and dosing pumps, the system ensures precise measurements of chemical products.

Safety is also a huge part of Inoxpa’s solutions. To prevent operators from…


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