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Post Coronavirus Cellar Restart Guidance


If you are in a position to look at restarting your cellar, ensure you dispense top quality beer and cider from the get go.

You may have one of the below situations, each of which will need to be treated differently:

  • Beer left in lines
  • Water left in lines
  • Cleaned and blown to air
  • Blown to air from beer
  • Cleaned and left in guardian

All of the above have risk associated to them in terms of what needs to happen to go back to great beer.

In ALL cases a review of cellar equipment and a GOOD deep clean (not just a clean with more chemical) needs to be conducted to ensure quality beer and cider are dispensed from your cellar.

You have the support of your brand owners, cellar service technicians and line cleaning specialists so please do contact them with any questions and support.

As an overview, please be aware that:

  • All stock need removing,
  • cellars washed down,
  • check all drains and gullies are clear and sumps cleaned,
  • couplers, cleaning sockets all cleaned to include real ale extractors,
  • remote coolers checked, topped up and fans and grills brushed free of dust,
  • under bar coolers checked, topped up and fans and grills brushed free of dust,
  • if coolers have been turned off along with cellar cooling, then turn on to give sufficient time (24 hours) for the water bath and python to get to temperature,
  • flush the system and clean (deep clean if beer residues left in the lines),
  • switch cellar cooling on,
  • acclimate stock as appropriate,
  • check stock rotation,
  • condition casks,
  • have the bulk gas system checked by a trained and competent person,
  • clean all glassware,
  • reclean all glasswashers and ice machines,
  • reclean all nozzles and sparklers

If you do not already work with a cellar service technician, contact one on our list of members

Dispense Technicians

Line Cleaning

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