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Quantock Brewery Hosts BFBi Western Section EGM


Thanks to Cheryl and Rob for hosting our Western Section EGM and tour of the brewery.

Legend has it that the brewery’s start is due to a toss of a coin – 17 years ago both Rob and Cheryl wanted a different future, Cheryl voting to start a bakery and Rob a brewery – Rob won the coin toss and Quantock was born.

Quantock Brewery became known for its cask pale ales and, more recently, is moving to keg pale ales with a strong American hop influence and soft mouthfeel (from the local water).

Initially based in Wellington, Somerset, the brewery moved to its current location 9 years ago.  Being conveniently located to the local steam railway and, with a large tap room, Rob and Cheryl expanded into the new brewhouse 2 years ago – a very brave move given this was in the middle of covid – when the adjoining unit became available.

The 30hl SSV brewhouse has enabled the brewery to increase output, semi automate and improve consistency across their core  and limited edition small batch brews.





Bottling is produced off site but the new 2,000 cans/hour Micro Can canning line is enabling the brewery to fulfil the increasing demand for cans and is also available for copacking.



To learn more about Quantock Brewery, their beers and history visit their website.

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