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Raising standards: the award-winning app partnering BFBi to transform safety and quality in our sector

BFBi is working with SafetyCulture, winners of Best Health and Safety Product in the 2020 SaaS Awards, to drive excellence with the support of its digital inspection app, iAuditor.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversation around safety has shifted.

Now the number one priority for every business in the world, safety, quality and compliance isn’t a responsibility held solely at management level: it’s a concern for every individual on your frontline.

Global compliance technology leader, SafetyCulture, is helping businesses to bring simplicity and transparency to an increasingly complex and fluid set of challenges. It’s flagship product, iAuditor, is designed to empower all employees with a simple mobile app that anyone can use in minutes.

By digitalising traditionally paper-based checks, audits, inspections and guidance, iAuditor creates transparency, accountability, and a true culture of safety in your business. In the current climate, this can be a major differentiator as we’re forced to adapt to ever-changing guidance and keep both staff and customers safe.

Dan Joyce, General Manager EMEA, SafetyCulture explains:

“Top-down, infrequent audits no longer work; companies need better visibility of their sites and real-time data capture to ensure they’re driving efficiency, safety and excellence at every stage. Empowering staff on the ground and equipping them with the right tools is the first step. This is exactly what iAuditor sets out to deliver.”

SafetyCulture, a BFBi partner, helps more than 26,000 companies to raise standards and performance worldwide. Organizations across our sector depend on iAuditor every day to manage their risk, operations, quality and compliance practices.

To support BFBi members, Safety Culture is offering members the chance to use iAuditor in their own operations with pre-populated and fully customisable templates for a range of quality and safety checks. You can get started for free in just a few clicks, here:

SafetyCulture is a BFBi partner. To learn more about SafetyCulture, please click here.

Daneille Guthrie

Daneille Guthrie

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