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Rawlings and Vigo merge to offer complete (end-to-end) processing and packaging solution

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Full-service processing equipment and packaging solutions for premium drink clients, with expansion into food, health and beauty markets.

The merger brings together Rawlings’ portfolio of primary packaging solutions and Vigo’s comprehensive processing equipment and consumables offering for clients in the premium drinks market, with expansion to deliver an end-to-end solution for premium food, health, and beauty brands.

The primary objective was to combine Rawlings’ expertise delivering off-the-shelf and bespoke glass packaging, graphic design, branding and decoration with Vigo’s tailored drink production systems, which include equipment, configuration, technical adaptions, installation, and full support from their team of engineers, providing clients with a complete packaging and production solution in one place.

The move allows both Rawlings and Vigo to increase the capacity, efficiency, and scale of their existing offerings.  Both Vigo and Rawlings will continue to trade at their existing premises and the same dedicated team and support remains in place.

Tom Wood, Managing Director of Rawlings said: “We are excited to be joining forces with the Vigo team. There is a tremendous fit around people, values and purpose making this is a very natural and organic expansion. Both businesses will extend their capabilities to offer incredible value for our clients”  

Simon Pitts, Managing Director of Vigo Ltd added: “We are really excited about the opportunities being a part of Rawlings brings. Joining forces allows us to take much bigger strides forward in capacity and offering than we would have been able to do so on our own. This will help drive increased value and range for our customers as well as strengthen our backup and support offering. Equally important, the culture and ethics of both businesses are closely aligned, and I have no doubt that the sharing of knowledge will further boost our offering.”


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