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St. Peter’s Brewery Elevates Beer Quality with Anton Paar’s Alcolyzer 1001

Anton Paar

Ensuring Consistency and Quality in Every Batch

St. Peter’s Brewery, renowned for its award-winning beers crafted from the finest East Anglian malt, has further enhanced its brewing process with the integration of Anton Paar’s Alcolyzer 1001. This state-of-the-art instrument ensures precise and rapid measurements, bringing confidence and consistency to the brewery’s operations.

“Everything we did was roughly accurate before Anton Paar. That’s just confirmed that we weren’t far off in the first place, but it’s given us the confidence that we’re not having any issues with anything at all. It’s rapid and accurate, and that’s all you need,” says Steve Groves, Head Brewer at St. Peter’s Brewery.

The Alcolyzer 1001 addresses several challenges in the brewing process, particularly in maintaining beer quality. The instrument allows for multiple samples throughout the brewing run, enabling the brewery to monitor the state of fermentation before filtration and packaging. This early detection of potential issues allows for timely adjustments, ensuring the final product meets the highest standards.

“With Anton Paar, we are able to do multiple samples throughout the run. We can see the state of fermentation of the extracts even before we go to filtration and packaging. We are always pre-warned if there’s an issue, and we can put it back. Because it’s so quick – because it takes so little sample – it’s just perfect,” Groves explains. “The more you sample, the more consistency you have. Because it’s such a rapid, accurate test, it’s no issue. If you get it spot-on at the start, it should follow on right through to the end. It’s totally accurate; there’s nothing better.”

The Alcolyzer 1001 simplifies various measuring processes by providing comprehensive data in one device. It measures densities, alcohol content, and calorific values swiftly and accurately, eliminating the need for external, costly, and time-consuming testing. This capability is crucial for St. Peter’s Brewery, which must comply with stringent quality audits for supermarket sales.

Anton Paar’s reputation in the brewing industry made it an easy choice for St. Peter’s Brewery. Known for its rapid determination and reliability, Anton Paar’s instruments are standard in many breweries, both in laboratories and on production lines.

“I’ve been around quite a long time, and I’ve worked in breweries where it’s the standard. We were looking for rapid determination and we just thought ‘Anton Paar’. Any of the breweries you talk to, not only do they have one in the laboratory, they also have one on the line too,” says Groves.

The Alcolyzer 1001 is not only a valuable asset for St. Peter’s Brewery; it also brings significant benefits to the industry. Its simplicity, speed, and accuracy make it an indispensable tool for brewers aiming for high-quality and consistent results.

“If you have a process or some form of analysis which is complicated and long-winded, people get tired of it and don’t want to do it. They want something simple, quick, and accurate. They don’t want to wait for a long range of samples – they want something easy and accurate, and then they’re happy to use it,” Groves concludes.

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