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Superior Product Protection for The Sourceror’s Beer Advent Calendar

Sourceror Advent Beer Packaging

The Sourceror’s packaging problem

The Sourceror is an award-winning craft beer brewing company. The inspiration for the brand stems from the costumes designed by Shepperton Design Studio’s Andrew Ainsworth for the inaugural Star Wars film in 1976.

The Sourceror wanted to take advantage of the profitable Christmas sales market by having a product specifically designed to sell at this time of the year, in this case, a 12-Day beer advent calendar. The brand was looking for a packaging solution that was physically strong enough to hold 11 330ml beer cans and an accompanying glass. It was also vital that the advent calendar remained in keeping with the eye-catching Stormtrooper branding using exciting imagery and striking colours.

Our highly skilled team were able to create a bespoke beer advent calendar for the Sourceror’s Stormtrooper ‘Space Craft Beer’ brand which was strong enough to hold the weight of the cans and glass and was able to withstand the rigours of transit, ensuring the precious cargo arrived at customers’ doors undamaged.

To infinity and beyond with ‘out of this world’ beer packaging

At Smurfit Kappa, we have built and enjoyed a longstanding relationship with The Sourceror, providing packaging solutions since 2019. Within this time, we have produced five separate packaging solutions for this innovative beer brewing client and are proud to have supported their business as they’ve grown. So, as packaging partners that they know they can turn to, whether it’s for ideas, implementation, or both, we were the obvious choice when they were looking for a bespoke beer advent calendar.

This was the first time we had been asked to produce packaging of this kind for the brand. However, advent calendar packaging, especially for beer brands, is something we’ve successfully worked on before, and we couldn’t wait to put our knowledge into practice again.

Beer advent calendar packaging bursting with benefits

Product protection during transit – our design team created packaging that could specifically withstand the weight of both the cans and glass. We specially selected materials that provided the box with the strength and durability to withstand transit and ensure it arrived at customers’ doors undamaged. This not only reduces the cost associated with returns but provides customers with a more positive experience of the brand.

Positive unboxing experience – the 3D imagery and sleeve were printed in striking colours using a flexo print, offering an eye-catching finish which enhances the all-important unboxing experience, reflecting positively on the brand and creating positive brand associations. This, in turn, means customers are more likely to recommend the brand to friends and family, increasing brand awareness which translates into a boost in beer sales.

Reaching for the stars

The marketing team behind The Sourceror are delighted with their new beer advent calendar, which they believe “shows off their dramatic Stormtrooper branding to full effect”.

It allows them to celebrate Christmas with existing customers and sign up new customers by impressing them with their beers. The advent calendar also boosts customer loyalty by ‘gifting’ regular beer buyers the opportunity to sample versions they may not have tried previously. At the same time, it allows the company to market a beer the customer might not have chosen for themselves before – and subsequently become a fan of, spreading brand awareness and welcoming new, brand-loyal customers.

With an initial order for 2000 beer advent calendars, The Sorcerer enjoyed many orders as the Christmas calendar was released to eagerly awaiting Star Wars fans.

Packaging partnerships

This is another example of how we can turn a client’s idea into reality by working together and calling on our experience to bring fun and ambitious brands to life. We are already gearing up to help with The Sorcerer’s ideas for luxury gift packaging.

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