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Understanding environmentally friendly water-resistant fresh produce packaging


In the realm of fresh produce packaging, ensuring optimal protection is paramount to shield contents from potential water and moisture damage. Beyond the threat of spillages and rainfall compromising freshness, a buildup of moisture within a box or tray could lead to the spoilage of produce, resulting in unnecessary waste, losses, and ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

Arriving wet and damaged, inefficient packaging poses a costly predicament for both consumers and businesses. This longstanding global challenge, however, is being addressed with groundbreaking solutions like planet-friendly water-resistant coatings. Now, there is a better way to ship everything from bananas to berries and turnips to tomatoes, ensuring a seamless and secure delivery experience.

Water-resistant fresh produce packaging can be environmentally friendly

Traditionally, coatings made from synthetic materials and wax have been applied to packaging to repel water and moisture, rendering the packaging unrecyclable. However, there are now environmentally friendly alternatives on the market such as varnishes that are free from plastic content, helping to safeguard both the produce and the recyclability of the packaging.

Consumer studies indicate that 78% of consumers advocate for businesses to be more environmentally conscious (National Retail Federation). So, environmentally friendly coated packaging materials created with fresh produce in mind help businesses align with the escalating demand to meet these conscientious goals.

These moisture-resistant coatings go eyond providing protection; they excel in fostering commerce with a conscience. The planet-friendly solution is particularly noteworthy as it maintains the recyclability of packaging, being entirely free of plastic content. This commitment to the environment ensures that the packaging retains its easy recyclability within mainstream systems, resonating positively with consumers. An impressive 42% of which emphasise the importance of recyclability in packaging (Drapers).

The benefits of environmentally friendly water-resistant packaging

  • Extended shelf life – Moisture-resistant packaging helps to maintain the quality of fresh produce by creating a protective barrier against moisture, preventing premature spoilage, and reducing food waste.
  • Preservation of visual appeal – Water-resistant fresh produce packaging helps to maintain the visual appeal of fruits and vegetables, preserving their vibrant colours and crisp textures, which is crucial for consumer satisfaction.
  • Hygiene and safety – Moisture-resistant packaging minimises the risk of mould, bacteria, and contamination. Crafted to repel moisture, this type of packaging forms a protective barrier, safeguarding fruits and vegetables from the harmful impacts of humidity. This ensures that the contents reach their destination unscathed, preserving their quality and appeal.
  • Boosted brand reputation – When produce arrives in perfect condition, well protected from the elements, you are giving a positive impression of your brand – whether it’s to supermarket customers or delivered directly to consumers’ doors. A quality product that has withstood the test of transit shows your business is committed to providing customers with a high-quality, reliable product and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  • Reduced environmental impact – Environmentally-friendly water-resistant packaging solutions are an eco-friendly option. They contain no plastic, ensuring that the packaging remains completely recyclable, aligning with your environmental goals and those of your customers. After all, 61% of consumers expect the brands they buy from to have clear sustainability practices, and consumers look to brands whose environmental ethos’ align with their own (Financial Times in partnership with Smurfit Kappa).

See how Ireland’s leading Herb and Leaf Grower, McCormack Family Farms, switched to an eco-friendly water-resistant coating that provided a 100% recyclable alternative to their imported wax-lined produce trays here.

The value of environmentally friendly water-resistant packaging

As we know, water-resistant packaging proves immensely valuable for moisture-sensitive items, effectively thwarting potential spoilage, contamination, and deterioration. Its versatility shines through as it provides a customisable solution, adaptable to the unique requirements of various industries. This ensures the preservation of product quality and integrity across a broad spectrum of applications.

Crafted with businesses in mind, environmentally friendly water-resistant packaging empowers you to safeguard your produce while championing a planet-friendly and responsible approach. Embracing green practices isn’t just an eco-conscious move; it’s also a smart business strategy, especially considering that 37% of GenZ shoppers actively engage with environmentally friendly packaging messages (Modern Retail).

Research also indicates a strong consumer appetite for sustainability, with two-thirds of respondents expressing a desire to be more environmentally conscious. Notably, over a third of consumers have made purchasing decisions based on the sustainability of a product’s packaging (Drapers in partnership with Smurfit Kappa). This underscores the importance of aligning packaging solutions with consumer values, ensuring not only the protection of produce but also the enhancement of brand reputation and consumer loyalty.

How we can help

We’re here to help you embrace the power of water-resistant packaging solutions for fresh produce, all while making strides in reducing your environmental footprint. Together, let’s pave the way for a more planet-friendly future. Get in touch today!

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