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Vigo, part of the Rawlings Group, has announced the addition of CIMEC counter pressure rotary canning lines to their canning line range to offer high speed canning under counter pressure fill conditions.  

 Commercial Director, Andy Pegman, comments: ‘Having supplied and supported CIMEC bottling lines for 19 years, the inclusion of CIMEC’s counter pressure filling rotary canning lines is a natural transition.  Our Engineering Team (9 engineers in all) have extensive experience of working with CIMEC machines. We’re really pleased now to be able to offer customers wanting to increase their canning output the benefits of CIMEC’s high build quality coupled with UK support from our renowned engineers.  CIMEC machines are robust and reliable – the oldest CIMEC filler we service is 22 years, which really speaks for itself.’

 CIMEC counter pressure rotary canning lines have throughputs up to 6,000 cans per hour and can be supplied with an optional can rinse unit and ink jet printing.  As with all filling lines supplied by Vigo, ABE lines and CIMEC lines, they are installed commissioned and backed up by Vigo Engineers.  Service contracts are also available.

 For more information call Vigo, part of the Rawlings Group, on 01404 892 100


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