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Wimbledon Brewery and Charles Faram Hop Collab


Wimbledon Brewery and Charles Faram hop merchants are working in collaboration to showcase recently developed English hops in a new series of Pale Ales and IPA’s for release in 2024.

These classic styles of beer are quintessentially English. The term Pale Ale first appeared in England in 1703. These beers were made from malts dried with high-carbon coke which resulted in lighter beers. It is from these early new pale beers that so many beer styles around the world have been developed.

Simon Lewis, Managing Director of Wimbledon Brewery said “Over the last 20 years the UK brewers have turned to using American and New World hops to make distinctive and full flavoured IPA’s and Pale Ales. These beer styles have very much driven the ‘craft beer’ revolution. We are working with Charles Faram on a range of beers that will show the amazing range of hops available in this country.”

Will Rogers, Group Technical Director in charge of the Charles Faram Hop Development Programme said “We are very proud to be working with Wimbledon Brewery on their new series of sustainably brewed beers featuring British hops. Using locally grown hops from our hop breeding programme will bring vibrant fruity flavours to the beers and help support the British hop industry at a time when it support is genuinely needed.”

Charles Faram’s hop development programme is focussed on exciting new modern style hop varieties including a focus on English hops. The brew team at Wimbledon Brewery have been working in collaboration with their hop supplier doing trials to highlight the development of English hops including several experimental hop varieties that could one day be produced commercially.

The 2024 range of beers will focus on the popularity of IPA’s and Pale Ales for which Wimbledon Brewery has a great reputation. Wimbledon Brewery will be working with all their customers to make these beers available across the on and off trade. The range of beers will be announced over the coming months.

This programme of beers is one step in Wimbledon Brewery’s initiatives toward reducing their own carbon footprint and promoting an attitude of sustainability. Steps are being taken across the business to reduce waste, control energy usage, recycle and reuse wherever it is possible.

For more information, please contact Simon Lewis: 07824 662438

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