Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

BFBi Keg & Cask Committee hosts industry supply chain representation from trade associations, brand owners, container and safety tube manufacturers, ancilliary fittings, logistics companies.

Issues relating to best practice and safety are discussed at a UK and European wide level.

To discuss representation on the Committee please contact

For a list of BFBi Container Manufacturers & Repairers CLICK HERE

For a list of BFBi Downtube Manufacturers & Repairers CLICK HERE

For a guideline document noting questions to ask when purchasing second hand containers CLICK HERE

BBPA Keg & Cask Supply Chain Best Practice Document CLICK HERE

Industry Standards & Specifications for the Design, Manufacture, Performance and Purchase of Kegs:





Industry 9 Gallon Cask Standards & Specifications CLICK HERE

We are now addressing industry container specifications – one trip; reusable and carbonation at point of dispense.  If you have not yet submitted your specifications and would like to participate in these generic, best practice standards please contact

Industry Plastic Keg Standards & Specifications CLICK HERE

The companies listed within the Final Appendix all contributed to the above document and have signed up to confirm with these best practice standards.  Other companies were approached but did not participate.

When disposing of plastic kegs, please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  However, please note that BFBi does not recommend the bursting of any pressurised container with a knife or any means, which may lead to an explosive evacuation of pressure.

Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

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About BFBi

BFBi are the only international trade association representing the entire value chain supplying the food & drink industry worldwide.

We believe that we are unique in that we represent an entire value chain – from seed to sales.

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