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Test Date Identification on Cylinders

By law, all dispense gas cylinders have to be regularly inspected and tested to ensure they continue to be totally safe for the high pressures contained inside them. 

Tests need to be undertaken by a government-appointed inspection body every ten years.  Thus, in order to ensure a gas cylinder is within test, it is necessary to confirm the test date. 

The majority of BCGA member cylinders have a coloured test ring indicating the year that cylinders must be retested by law.  For information on test rings please refer to the Profit Through Quality Leaflet CLICK HERE

However, a number of cylinders, without test rings,  just have the date of test stamped on the shoulder. 

The old test date may either be stamped out or left visible in order to show the history so it is necessary to be careful to look all around the shoulder of the cylinder to find the most up to date test date.