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BSI kitemark a global first for Christeyns Hand Sanitiser

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Warrington based Christeyns Food Hygiene, who manufacture specialist hygiene solutions, has become the first manufacturer to receive the globally recognised British Standards Institution (BSI) kitemark for hand sanitiser.

Phago’rub Gel SPS and Phago’rub Solution SPS are hypoallergic, alcohol-based sanitiser products that disinfect hands in only a 30 second contact time.  Already extensively tested and proven in the food and beverage industries, Phago’rub Fact Sheet has virucidal efficacy under BS EN 14476 and kills 99.99% of germs.

Both Phago’rub products contain over 70% alcohol plus the addition of an effective emollient, that helps protect the skin from dermatitis, a common side effect of frequent hand sanitisation. The products are fast drying and non-sticky, so quick and easy to use in all types of facility, such as retail, manufacturing or leisure.

“Although Christeyns Food Hygiene has gained a reputation for innovative, quality products over the past 30 years, this kitemark certification is global recognition of the high standards we aim for and we are delighted that our Phago’rub products are the first of their kind to obtain this,” states Peter Littleton, Technical Director.

The BSI kitemark is a highly recognised mark of quality, safety and trust and according to BSI research, 67% of consumers have an awareness of the BSI kitemark.

The BSI kitemark is not just a sign of quality in the UK but is globally recognised.  Established in 1903, the BSI kitemark can be seen on a huge range of products and services and is one of the most recognised badges of quality for business around the world.

Hand hygiene is, and will be, a constant battle in the war against Covid-19 and virus contamination. Effective and highly developed alcohol-based hand-sanitisers have a significant role to play, particularly as they can be used at all public interaction points, including retail, transport as well as in the workplace.

Well known for its specialist hygiene products for the food, dairy and beverage industries, Christeyns Food Hygiene manufactures a range of surface, equipment and hand cleaning products as well as installing bespoke monitoring systems and offering hygiene training.

The introduction of this new BSI standard sets a new benchmark in hand sanitiser standards and Christeyns Food Hygiene are proud to be the first to meet this.

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