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Cleaning Your Beer Lines Post Lock Down

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In an ideal world, with the onset of lockdown, pubs, hotels and anywhere that serves beer through dispense systems would have closed down their system and the associated equipment, by using the correct procedures. This decommissioning of the cellar and bar would have included sanitising all couplers, nozzles and leaving beer lines sitting in sanitising solution.

The reality however is far closer to what has, in many cases, occurred. Some establishments were given such short notice that there have been instances of the lines being left sitting in beer, water or blown dry. This can lead to a number of issues with regards to water taints and especially build-up of bacteria which can have a negative impact on returning the system to serving beer tasting as it should do.

Managing director of Clear Brew (professional beer line cleaners), Stephen Trezona, has told how his network of business owners has come across a significant amount of issues when reinstating lines back to their former self.

“The biggest issue has arisen regarding sanitation levels and general cellar condition because of the extended period of inactivity, further impacted with recent HMRC guidelines re deposal of old stock.

Many of the lines are showing evidence of bacteria growth. Our deep cleaning process using our unique machinery and industry approved chemicals are designed to get dispense systems back to serving beer tasting as it should do.

This involves an intensive clean and testing of lines, alongside a complete sanitisation of all the associated components involved in beer dispense., along with a full cellar equipment check.

Many establishments have proprietors who are experienced enough to have been able to put their systems to bed effectively but for those that haven’t our network of professionally trained line cleaners are busy supporting the industry ensuring establishments the length and breadth of the United Kingdom are back serving quality beer.”

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