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First get together for nearly two years The Northern Section of the BFBi hosted their first social event post pandemic, the evening being the 28th October at the Flight Club in a damp and cold Leeds City Centre. The event was attended by eighteen willing participants, few of whom knew one another before the event,  but after some very competitive darts throwing and some very near misses and become acquaintances if not friends. The evening was attended by the following players  Paul Corbet and Beth Eaton from Charles Faram with their guests Ol Fozard, Jammie Memmot, Christie Macintosh, Dave Hughes, Christie Hughes, Andy Leman, Nick Berkavits, Liam Kane and Nathen Mosley. Steve Lakin invited two guests, Andreas Falt from kegStar and David Grant The evening was a great success with everyone enjoying the competitive spirit of the occasion, it was great fun to be back out touching flesh and interacting with like minded individuals. A big thank you the Beth, Paul and Steve for bringing so many customers and to everyone for taking the time and effort for supporting the event. Report by David Grant