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Feed Assurance Legislation

1st September 2010.

Following, the coming into force yesterday of the Animal Feed (England) Regulations 2010 to provide for the enforcement of EU Regulation 767/2009 on the marketing and use of feed, there have been a number of changes to the feed-related pages of the Food Standards Agency website. These include:

— revised and reorganised introductory text to the nature and scope of the feed legislation for which FSA are responsible, at

— new links from that page to both the Animal Feed Regulations 2010 and EU Regulation 767/2009;

— the removal of outdated links to the Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2005, the guidance to the scope and nature of that measure, and the guidance to percentage ingredient declaration; and

— new texts for the Summary of Current Feed Legislation and the Note on Pet food linked from this page, at  and  respectively.

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