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SOFHTe Certification Scheme

Are food safety management systems an investment or unnecessary cost? An operator of a restaurant and takeaway has recently been found guilty of six food hygiene offences, including that of failing to comply with a Hygiene Improvement Notice and fined a total of £4,000.

“Smaller food businesses are a significant part of an EHO’s responsibilities, and the SOFHT Scheme will provide an excellent tool for them to use and demonstrate the food safety measures they have in place” – Principal EHO

We are very pleased with the positive feedback received since the launch of the SOFHTe Certification Scheme in October 2009. Since then we have met many organisations, including the Soil Association and some of the Regional Food Groups (including Taste of Sussex and The Regional Food Group for Yorkshire and Humber).

We are keen to promote the Scheme to the industry, and as such, we are holding a series of FREE road shows this year covering the whole of the UK (see attachment). We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at one of these road shows to explore the benefits the scheme will offer to you.

“Our policy for local and regional suppliers will be updated shortly and provide this supply base with the option to join either the SALSA scheme or the SOFHTe Certification scheme” – John Clague, Technical Manager Compliance Waitrose

Please contact the SOFHT office on 01827 872500 to reserve your place at the road show most convenient to yourself for the perfect opportunity to learn more about the unique features and benefits of participation in the SOFHTe Certification Scheme.

Further information can be found the SOFHT website

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