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BLOG – Food allergen management and labelling – the food industry’s evolution

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Over time, the food and drink industry and the legislation affecting it have progressed in a positive direction of increased awareness and control of substances or products causing allergies or intolerances.

However, the occurrences of news headlines relating to real-life stories of the serious implications of some allergic reactions still continue.

Helen Arrowsmith, Regulatory Affairs Manager and Allergen Specialist of Campden BRI has written a blog where she reflects on the industry’s evolution with respect to allergen management and helps us look ahead.

Dealing with food allergens can be challenging – but Campden BRI’s  teams are here to help.   They offer a range of services to support your food allergen management needs, including; testing, training, consultancy and support in food allergen management, labelling and legislation.

For more on ensuring food safety, control and confidence through effective food allergen management, download their Managing Food Allergens eBook.

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