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Decarbonising glass packaging with zero carbon furnaces


Decarbonising glass packaging will be a key part of the UK government’s commitment to reach net zero by 2050.  Croxsons recognise that glass manufacturing is an energy intensive process but the future is looking clean – electricity, hydrogen and beyond.

Where existing furnaces traditionally use natural gas, Croxsons can already produce in furnaces utilising 100% electricity as the primary energy for melting, but they want to see this ability brought to the large scale production required by many of their customers. Plans are already developed and in-process to produce in furnaces powered by 100% renewable electricity, as well as furnaces utilising hydrogen. Having already trialled alternative fuels such as 100% biogas, Croxsons ha delivered bottles with an estimated 99% reduction in carbon footprint, but with the same benchmarks for quality and performance.

As a fully recyclable product, with minimal impact to the environment once made, glass has a bright future.  Croxsons is confident in the plans for and to help deliver ultra-low or no carbon solutions for our customers.

Find out more about our world of sustainability in the video below or read more here. 

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