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Wells and Co contacted our team when they needed to develop a new borehole to provide consistent quality water for their new brewhouse in Bedford. Straightforward right? Not in a sensitive catchment where there were concerns about the potential impacts of a new abstraction to the local water environment …

Learn how we successfully obtained the abstraction licence for Wells and Co so they could continue to produce the high-quality beer they are renowned for.

With many years of experience developing and licensing boreholes for a range of unique and complex projects, we have built the knowledge to provide you with suitable and effective solutions. Whether that means developing a borehole that turns you from amateur brewer to expert, or tailoring a supply to fit your growing needs, our team will find the perfect solution for you. If you are about to develop your own borehole water supply, get in touch with our expert or give us a call on 01332871 882 to discuss your project further. 

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