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Save money and meet environmental compliance standards with Magmex® from OMEX Environmental Ltd


Water is an essential component in many production processes and especially so in the brewing industry.

However, across the industry, 70% of the fresh water drawn into the brewing process ends up as effluent which needs to be treated. One of the various types of wastewater produced is acidic wastewater, which must be neutralised before discharge to meet pH and other trade effluent discharge consents.

OMEX Environmental Ltd are industrial wastewater treatment specialists and offer a wide range of expertise and solutions for wastewater, trade effluent and environmental management.

This includes the evaluation of industrial wastewater and trade effluent from manufacturing and industrial processes, recommending cost-effective solutions to ensure cost and process optimisation is achieved as well as ensuring environmental compliance standards are met and maintained.

When it comes to acidic wastewater, OMEX supply the Magmex® range of products, a safe and easy to regulate alternative to the more traditional hazardous products such as caustic soda.

What is Magmex®?

Magmex® is a range of Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions used for acidic wastewater treatment, to control pH levels within both anaerobic and aerobic systems. Traditionally, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and calcium hydroxide (lime) have been used to neutralise acidic wastewater. However, these compounds can cause high pH levels if not controlled correctly, which can lead to the high consumption of the neutraliser.

The Magmex® range is the environmentally friendly answer for acidic wastewater treatment. It is safe, easy-to-use and overcomes the majority of problems associated with traditional neutralisers. In addition, and in certain applications, it can be used as a means of odour and/or septicity control by binding hydrogen sulphide immediately during formation.

The range can be made available in both bulk and IBC containers.


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