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32 American Beer Equip installs carried out in UK by Vigo Ltd!


Vigo are proud to announce that since becoming UK agents for American Beer Equipment in 2015, they’ve supplied and carried out 32 installations of ABE kit, including 24 canning lines and 8 brewhouses at craft breweries across the UK.

Andy Pegman, Sales Manager at Vigo said, “American Beer Equipment are industry leaders in the US craft beer market and we are proud of the role we’ve played giving UK brewers access to their equipment.  ABE canning lines are compact, produce reliable fill rates, minimal product loss and low oxygen pickup.  The Lincan and upgraded CraftCan models are also supplied with seamer monitoring control using servo seaming technology and nitro-canning is an option.  ABE brewhouses are compact with precision controls and automation to produce consistent results brew after brew.  As with all the equipment we supply we ensure that it meets all relevant British & European Health and Safety Directives and Standards and our team of engineers install, commission and provide full training.  We also provide support both on the phone and on site for the lifetime of the kit.”

Vigo have served the drinks industry with processing and packaging equipment since 1984. They are also agents for renowned manufacturers, such as CIMEC for bottling lines and Malek Brautech for keg washers and fillers, and provide a comprehensive service to producers who operate on a semi-automatic or fully automatic scale.

Come and talk to Andy and Rich at BEERX on Vigo stands 92 & 93 to discuss your brewery requirements.

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