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5 Reasons to Refresh your Brand!



A brand refresh modernises and updates your brand to reflect your vision, missions and values?

This helps you align your brand with your customer’s values & needs.

Take five minutes to review your brand assets and ask yourself these 5 key reasons to refresh your brand:

  1. Does my brand need modernising and updating to reflect your vision, missions and values?
  2. Do you need to breathe new life and confidence into your brand and team?
  3. My website doesn’t reflect my brand and isn’t accessible on mobile devices?
  4. Do I need to enhance brand recall and create a better experience for my customers?
  5. If you put your business in the spotlight does It highlight any issues with your brand?

If you’d like LemonTop to use their experience and expertise to refresh your brand, please call them on 01642 969222 or email

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