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A natural look for West Highland Spirits


West Highland Spirits wanted to create a spirits brand to reflect their Scottish roots and the beauty of their highland surroundings.

West Highland Spirits is a company that aimed to achieve two things. Firstly, they wanted to create a range of spirits full of flavour that reflects their Scottish heritage and the beauty of their surroundings in the Highlands. Secondly, they wanted a creative brand design that showcases the natural habitats and wildlife of the surrounding environment.

West Highland Spirits recognised they needed to take drastic measures to compete in the high-quality Craft Spirits market. They were highly confident in the quality of their drinks, but they required a brand design that matched the craftsmanship of their product. To stand out in the marketplace, West Highland Spirits also understood that they needed to push the boundaries of creative design.

As a result, they engaged the services of LemonTop Creative, who have their own LemonTop Gin and were already known to be experts in creating brand designs that stand out on the shelf.  With the knowledge and confidence, their creative team could provide them with a brand design and a range of bottle designs that align with their ethos of caring for the Highland environment while standing out among their competitors wherever they were displayed.

The new West Highland Spirits brand has been designed with creativity and innovation in mind. The bottle designs are a perfect blend of modernity and traditional craftsmanship, appealing to those who seek uniqueness.


These designs reflect the brand’s pride in their Highland roots, their love for the environment, and the quality of the Highland produce they use. These beautifully illustrated designs are a testament to West Highland Spirits’ commitment to standing out from the competition and are on sale via their website

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